“What Unexpected Twist Almost Cost the Sale?”

Real estate agent Kevin Harris tells of an experience during a final walk-thru, during which the seller, who had 21 cats,  says she will not close unless the buyers agree not to disturb an area of the yard where she had buried some cats.  She didn’t want their spirits disturbed.  Kevin writes “don’t know which was scarier; hiding the looks of my clients or seeing cat ghosts.”  Happy Halloween!

On a more serious note, buyers, please take note.  Deborah Dade writes that a few days before closing, the buyer, decided to retire.   She gave a two week notice to her employer so when the lender called to verify employment at the last minute, she didn’t have any!!!  She almost lost the loan! Fortunately, they were able to close before she actually retired.  She had good retirement and would qualify for the home purchase anyway, but scary to think they would have had to start the whole loan process over again.

Source:  RIS Media



San Diego is #8!


Homes have gone up in price due to a limited inventory and demand.  However, according to Jonathan Smoke at Realtor.com, this will change. Over the last three months , the number of listings has grown over 4.5% in the last three months; new construction is finally stepping up to the plate with single-family permits up 9% year to date.  Mortgage credit availability rose 5% higher in June than in June 2014 – allowing more buyers to participate in the housing market.  And even though mortgage rates are off their previous lows, “… with the average 30-year fixed-rate firmly above 4%, rates have retreated more than 10 basis points from their recent highs.” And, don’t forget, fall is on the horizon.  For those who are flexible about timing and location, fall can be a good time to buy, as families with school-age children are less likely to compete after the beginning of the school year. So, things are looking up Buyers – start looking!

Source:  Realtor.com


8,738 school districts are ranked by Best Public School Districts based on key criteria and 4.6 million opinions from 280,000 students and parents.  “A high ranking indicates that the district contains great schools with exceptional teachers, sufficient resources, and a diverse set of high achieving students who rate thier experiences very highly.”  Congratulations Coronado!!!

Source:  K12.niche.com