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Building in Coronado

Interested in building your own home in Coronado, CA? Here’s what you need to know.

Vacant Lots

There are very few vacant lots in Coronado. If you plan on building a new home in Coronado, chances are you will be buying a rundown or a small house on a good lot. You’ll then tear-down the house and start anew.  Contact us if you’re looking for lots suitable for building.

Lot Sizes

Lot size in Coronado varies from about 1800 square feet to 14,000 square feet. Land is a big commodity in Coronado, since there is so little of it.

Many of the lots in Coronado Village are 3500 square feet, 25 feet x 140 feet. Larger lots (or double lots) are 7,000 square feet, or 50 x 140 feet. You’ll also find lots in the Village about 5,600 feet, 40 x 140 feet.

Country Club—which is the part of Coronado Village that borders North Island and the Pacific Ocean—has the largest lots, generally speaking. Many of the lots are over 7000 square feet, making it a favorite spot for new construction.

Cost of Building in Coronado

Coronado contractors quote a range between $250 and $400 per square foot to build.

Coronado Municipal Code for Building

It’s important to know various Coronado Building codes before starting any project. You can view the Coronado zoning map here.

See more info on Coronado Planning and zoning here.

Contacts for Building at the City of Coronado

For a list of helpful contacts for building in Coronado with the City of Coronado.

Coronado Builders and Contractors

Contact us for a list of Coronado builders, contractors, architects, interior designers, and other helpful contacts.