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Coronado Real Estate FAQs

Coronado real estate is really its own little world. Learn more about the nuances of Coronado Real Estate with these helpful Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: Why is Coronado real estate so expensive?

A: In short, because so many people want to live here. Coronado’s fantastic schools, award-winning beaches, and quaint, small-town feel make it a place unlike any other. (Clearly, we are biased, but we think Coronado is pretty special.)

Q. But haven’t prices dropped since the housing bubble burst?

A. Yes. As of 2010, our prices have dropped roughly 15% since the downtown. The housing bust has presented buyers with an incredible opportunity to get into the market and own a home in Coronado at the lowest prices we’ve seen in years. We’ve been amazed at the great deals getting snapped up by buyers.

Q. Are there any distress sales in Coronado?

A. Yes. There are currently short sales and bank-owned foreclosures on the market in Coronado. See our Coronado foreclosures and short sales page for more.

Q. Are there any insider tips for getting a great deal in Coronado?

A. Yes. Get educated about the Coronado market. You won’t know if it’s a “great deal” unless you do your homework. We can help. Sign up for our foreclosures/short sale property alerts, and our Best Buys List. If you know what you’re looking for, familiarize yourself with the market with our automatic email updates. Or, check out the latest Coronado sales statistics. These are all great tools that help buyers from all over the country learn more about what’s going on in Coronado real estate.

Also, it is CRUCIAL to work with a seasoned Coronado buyer’s agent who knows what to look for. Contact us for a free buyer consultation.

Q. I want to build a house in Coronado. Where are the vacant lots?

A. There are very few vacant lots in Coronado. If you plan on building a new home in Coronado, chances are you will be buying a rundown or a small house on a good lot. You’ll then tear-down the house and start anew.  Contact us if you’re looking for lots suitable for building.

Q. Why is everyone so obsessed with lot size?

A. Coronado is a small place, so land is a prime commodity. Lot sizes usually range from 3000 square feet up to 14,000 square feet. Anything above 5000 square feet is considered a large lot for Coronado. Buyers will often pay top dollar for a large lot in a great location, even if the home is small or run-down.

Q. I want to sell my Coronado home. How do I know what my home is worth?

A. Easy. Contact us for a free Comparative Market Analysis. This will provide you with general pricing guidelines to show you at what price your home will sell fast. But—it’s your home, so when you list your home for sale, you always choose the price.

Q. Everyone says it’s a bad time to sell. Should I just wait it out?

A. We encourage everyone who’s thinking about selling to consider all their options. Contact us for a free seller consultation. In addition to a CMA, we’ll provide you with a seller’s net sheet to show you exactly how much money you’ll net from the sale of you home at various price points.

Q. What can I do to make my home sell faster?

A. Check out our seller’s tips and advice for helpful info.

Q. What should I look for in a listing agent?

A. Check out this page for helpful tips:  Finding a listing agent.

Coronado Real Estate Terms

Talk about Coronado real estate like a seasoned pro with these helpful Coronado real estate terms!

LTN: LTN stands for “Long, Tall, Narrow.” These are newer homes commonly built on a 3500 square foot lot that is usually 25 feet wide by 140 deep. These homes take up most of the lot, and are in fact, long, tall and narrow. Otherwise known as Billy Boxes. LTNs often have great modern features and make the most of their square footage. However, they usually don’t have tons of yard space.

Casita or Granny Flat: Many homes have what we call a casita, granny flat, or guest house behind the home or sometimes on top of the garage. These usually have their own bathrooms and kitchens. They’re great for out-of-town guests. Some home owners rent these out to tenants. Contact us if you’re looking for properties with a casita, granny flat or guest house.

Mills Act: The Mills Act is a property tax reduction for designated historic properties. The tax savings can be substantial. Generally speaking, Coronado homes that are Mills-Act funded are considered extremely desirable. Visit the City of Coronado’s website for more info on the Mills Act.

Tear-Down:  A tear-down is an older house that doesn’t have a lot of value. Buyers will often level the home and build and anew.

Frontage: This is the length of the front of the lot as it faces the street. People often talk about frontage when discussing properties on desirable, scenic streets such as Ocean Blvd or Glorietta Blvd. To have 100 feet of frontage would be more desirable than having 40 feet. Basically, it means that you usually have a grander façade.

One-Ways: Coronado has two one-way streets that funnel traffic from the bridge to the naval base in North Island and back again. These are the busiest streets on the Island. Property values generally increase as you move away from the one-way streets. Check out a map of Coronado.

Interested in Buying a Coronado Home or Condo?

Search the MLS for the largest inventory of Coronado real estate for sale. Or, get property details, photos, and other great info emailed straight to your inbox as soon as a property gets listed in the MLS with our automatic email updates. It takes just a minute to sign up, and you’ll get notified of new Coronado listings before most agents know they exist!  You can also sign up for our Coronado Best Buys List which ranks the best deals on homes for sale in Coronado, CA. We update this list every two weeks from the entire Coronado MLS based on price, location, square footage, condition, and lot size when applicable.

Interested in Selling a Coronado Home or condo?

We invite sellers to take advantage of helpful information about selling your Coronado home, including how to price your home or condo correctly, the best ways to effectively market your property, and insider tips on how to get your home sold fast. For a free Comparative Market Analysis or listing consultation, contact award-winning Coronado Prudential agents Margaret La Grange and Christine Van Tuyl.