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  • New Year's Resolution: Buy a Home
    1. I will automate my down payment savings -  set aside...
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      • Don't Over Improve - some improvements are a no brainer.  For example, updating appliances, painting cabinets,...
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Mortgage Info

Looking for info on home loans? You’ve come to the right spot. Getting qualified for a home mortgage is the very first step in the buying process and probably the single most important thing you can do as a buyer.  Securing a good lender is absolutely crucial. These days, the main reason that homes “fall out of escrow” is because of problems with home loans. Most of these issues can be avoided by starting the loan process now, and working with a reputable lender. Below, you’ll find helpful information on everything from improving your credit to getting pre-qualified.  As always, feel free to  contact us anytime to get put in direct contact with an experienced lender that we know and trust.

Loan Pre-Qualification

Ready to get prequalified for a home loan? Congratulations, getting prequalified for a home mortgage is the first step in buying a home. Simply click the link to get started–with no obligation.  Apply now >>