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New Construction

Interested in new home construction for sale, including new condos and brand new homes in Coronado, CA and greater San Diego? Buying a new home has some serious advantages. Take a look at some of the benefits of buying new construction. Contact us to get pre-MLS listings on new construction in Coronado, CA.

4 Perks of Buying a New Home

It could be a great time to buy a brand new home because prices are down and builders are motivated to unload declining, but still significant, inventories. Here are a few reasons for buying new rather than existing properties.

  1. Buying new means new everything. New homeowners don’t have to replace carpeting, paint, or redo the kitchen.
  2. Mortgages on new homes are often lower. That gives new homebuyers bargaining power.
  3. Appreciation is greater. New homes tend to gain more value than existing homes during the first five to seven years.
  4. New homes are often more energy efficient. Research shows that homes are 30 to 35 percent more energy efficient than a home built 10 years ago.

    Interested in Buying New Construction in Coronado, CA or Greater San Diego?

    Search the MLS for the largest inventory of Coronado and greater San Diego new construction for sale. Or, get property details, photos, and other great info emailed straight to your inbox as soon as a property gets listed in the MLS with our automatic email updates. It takes just a minute to sign up, and you’ll get notified of Coronado and San Diego, CA new construction listings before most agents know they exist!  Or, simply contact us for a free buyer consultation.